Research Paper Series

The Research Paper Series consists of two series of papers written by associates of the Centre and their colleagues at Auckland Institute of Studies and other institutions. The first series is of Occasional Papers, which are intended to be finished pieces of work. The second series is of Working Papers, which are pieces of research work that are work in progress. The content of the papers are the views of the authors rather than the views of the centre and the centre regards the material in them to be fully owned by the authors.

All papers are edited by members of the Centre’s editorial board consisting of:
Dr Adam Brown
Dr Ershad Ali
Professor Srikanta Chatterjee
Dr Malcolm Abbott
Professor Chris Doucouliagos (Deakin University Australia)
Dr Carol Griffiths

As this is an on-going series, papers / articles / comments and suggestions are welcome from Auckland Institute of Studies and the wider academic community.

Occasional papers

  1. Language Learning Strategies: Theory and Research by Carol Griffiths (236kb)
  2. A Long Run Appraisal of the Economics of Government Provided Tertiary Education and Training in New Zealand by Malcolm Abbott and Hristos Doucouliagos.
    File 1(136kb)
    File 2(236kb)
    File 3(400kb)
  3. The Case of the Hybrid Umbrella: a Study of Case Studies by Carol Griffiths (148kb)
  4. Developing Offshore Foundation Programmes in China by Li Li (488kb)
  5. Studying in English: Language Skills Development by Carol Griffiths (172kb)
  6. An Economic Analysis of the Formal Regulation of Higher Education by Malcolm Abbott (180kb)
  7. Chinese students and the higher education market in Australia and New Zealand. by Ma Xiaoying and Malcolm Abbott (180kb)
  8. Economic Sustainability of Airlines in the South Pacific by Dr Semisi Taumoepeau and Professor Chris Kissling (451kb)

Working papers

  1. The Role of Attitudes in Language Shift and Language Maintenance in a New Immigrant Community: a Case Study by Rekha M. Kuncha and Hanoku Bathula (138kb)
  2. Reengineering an Educational Institute: a Case Study in New Zealand by Manisha Balaji (203kb)
  3. Commercial Risks and Opportunities in the New Zealand Tertiary Education Sector by Malcolm Abbott
    File 1 (154kb)
    File 2 (85kb)
    File 3 (317kb)
  4. Fourteen Features of a Language Learner Strategy by Ernesto Macaro
    File 1 (141kb)
    File 2 (42kb)
    File 3 (126kb)<
  5. Education/learning Resistance in the Foreign-Language Classroom: a Case Study by Arturo Escadon(373kb)
  6. Regulatory Competition and the Investment of Australian Universities in New Zealand Export Education by Malcolm Abbott (160kb)
  7. Expectations of Learning: A New Zealand Perspective by Jacqueline Birt, Carol Sherry, Anthony Ling, Greg Fisher and Janet Lee(190kb)
  8. Adjusting Teaching Style and Practice to Accommodate the Needs of International Students by Reshmi Prasad, Mariska Mannes, Jamila Ahmed, Ravinder Kaur and Carol Griffiths(229kb)
  9. Competition and Efficiency: Overseas Students and Technical Efficiency in Australian and New Zealand Universities by Malcolm Abbott and Hristos Doucouliagos(608kb)
  10. Learning Strategies: Prototypical Core and Dimensions of Variation by Peter Yongqi Gu (274kb)
  11. The Effect of Student's Cultural Values on their Student-Driven Learning Preference by Ann Mitsis and Patrick Foley (463kb)
  12. Coming to Terms with Language Learner Strategies: What do Strategy Experts think about the Terminology and where would they Direct their Research? by Andrew D. Cohen (232kb)
  13. The Impact of Exchange Rate Variations and University Reputation on the Choice of Destinations of International Students by Malcolm Abbott and Ershad Ali (310kb)
  14. Reflective Practice and Action Research as a Source of Pre-service and In-service Professional Development and Classroom Innovation: Burden or Benefit? Myth or Reality? by Heather Denny (215kb)
  15. Strategies for Success in IELTS by Carol Griffiths and David Jordan (194kb)
  16. The Reflective Learner: Chinese International Students’ Use of Strategies to Enhance University Study by Gillian Skyrme (169kb)
  17. Error correction by Shaun Kelly (151kb)
  18. Shared understanding of students’ approach to learning in transnational programs by Linda Galligan (382kb)
  19. Students' Classroom participation for improved learning in an english langauge skills course: An Action Research Report by Rina D. Kumar (476kb)
  20. The Role of University-Based Incubators in Emerging Economies by Hanoku Bathula, Manisha Karia and Malcolm Abbott (128kb)
  21. Teaching Ethics to International Business Students: Impact, response and directions by Hanoku Bathula and Sanjaya S. Gaur (134kb)
  22. Competing Dichotomies in Teaching Computer Programming to Beginner-Students by David Nandigam and Hanoku Bathula (1.4mb)
  23. Impact of Internationalisation of Education on China’s Economy by Tina Hsieh and Ershad Ali (440kb)